Our goal is to create the ultimate experience for everyone who enters our doors. Our space is a welcoming environment to all creatives, entrepreneurs, and those looking to rent space for their special occasion. We strive to provide the best for our community. With this in mind, Stomping Grounds by H&B has implemented the following policies.


Cancellation Policy

  • For recreational/class use: Once you have received confirmation for your rental booking, you have 24 hours to cancel and received a refund. Your card will be charged upon reservation. Once your reservation surpasses the 24-hour mark and you wish to cancel, 100% of your booking rate will be retained. This includes same day booking since you will already be under the 24-hour booking period.
  • For events: There is a 5 day prior to event cancellation policy. If you cancel within the 5-day period, 50% of your booking rate will be retained.
  • Events require a 24-hour notice of booking if requiring special requests.
  • You may cancel by emailing us or calling the space. If no one answers, please leave a voice mail. This will indicate whether you are in the cancellation period or not.

Space Rentals

  • If a booking before you ends late, therefore cutting into your booking, please notify the staff and we will accommodate your rental accordingly.
  • Event Rentals: The amount of time you rent includes the time allotted for cleaning/tear down processes. You are not allotted extra time to clean unless otherwise specified by a Stomping Grounds by H&B employee. For example, if your rental time is 7:00 pm - 12:00 am, you have until 12:00 am to clean/pick up trash in order to avoid further charges. If you are still cleaning past your booking time, we will charge accordingly.
  • If you finish your booking early, full payment is still required.
  • All bookings require half of your total to secure event date and time.
  • If you wish to purchase additional hours for set up/decorating, please contact our facility so we can accommodate these hours at a rate of $75 an hour.
  • Volume Restrictions will be enforced. Please follow directions on the sound system.
  • The space will be checked after every rental use. If something is broken, damaged, or stolen, you will be liable. We will have 24-hour surveillance for your safety and the safety of our facility.
  • For Recreational bookings, the Wall Color Lights must be paid for. If you wish to use them, they are an additional $10 to your rental.
  • Stomping Grounds by H&B accepts the following payment types: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, EMV Chip, Contactless payments including Mastercard Paypass, Visa payWave, Discover Zip, and American Express ExpressPay.
  • There is a cleaning fee included in all Event Rental Package Rates. The customer is required to pick up and dispose of all trash on floors and tables in garage bins and dumpsters. We provide bins and trash bags for customers.
  • For events: Max occupancy is 100.
  • For recreational classes: Max occupancy is 70.
  • What classifies a “class” at Stomping Grounds: Classes are qualified by recreational use such as: Dance, Yoga, Fitness, Pilates, or any class requiring movement. The “class” rental does not have to be booked by a teacher. You may rent under the “class” category for personal use of practicing or rehearsing. Classes may not bring food or drinks.
  • What classifies an “Event”: Social gatherings for celebratory use. (i.e. Baby Showers, Birthday Parties, Gender Reveals, Surprise Parties, Wedding Showers, Bridal Showers, Family Reunions, Holiday Parties, Banquets, Lock-Ins, etc.) Events can have food and drinks. Cleaning Fees are included in all package rates.
  • Decoration Restrictions: You may use tape on the Cinder Block wall ONLY. Please do NOT use tape on the mirrors, dry walls, garage, doors, or any other walls other than the cinderblock wall. Thumb tacks, nails, or anything that will puncture the walls are NOT permitted.
  • The client may enter their booking when their booking begins out of respect for the prior client.
  • The client currently renting must gather their belongings and be ready to go by the time their booking has ended.
  • The client is responsible for their party whether events, classes, or meeting.
  • If minors under 18 are using the space, a parent or legal guardian must be present during the booking.
  • The client must not provide alcohol to minors under the age of 21. Alcohol must not be sold. If alcohol will be served, we must be notified prior to your event. Underaged Drinking is against the law and is not permitted at Stomping Grounds by H&B.


  • Half of the customer's total is required to secure the desired event date and time as a security deposit. The remaining balance is not due until the day of the customer's scheduled event day and start time.
  • Event cleaning fee still requires customers to pick up trash from floor and tables and dispose in dumpster.

General Policies

  • Please be respectful of the space. We want to serve our community well and can only do that if you clean after yourself and take the correct and appropriate precautions.
  • Please respect other renters. Do not enter until the previous booking has finished on time. If a booking is running late, please notify a Stomping Grounds by H&B staff member and they will assist you.
  • Absolutely NO alcohol, marijuana, or drugs are permitted on the premises. Alcohol is only permitted for reserved and confirmed parties. Alcohol consumption is only allowed for people the age of 21 and older ONLY. The client is liable for all guests consuming alcohol as well as subject to all applicable repercussions by law enofrcement if underaged drinking occurs. Underaged drinking is not permitted at Stomping Grounds by H&B.
  • If you have notified our staff that you will be serving alcohol, you cannot sell the alcohol in Stomping Grounds by H&B.
  • No gum, glitter, silly string, slime, confetti or bubbles allowed in the space. If confetti is used, this is not covered in the cleaning fee and the client must clean up the confetti.
  • For recreational/class use: No food or drinks other than water allowed. This does not apply to permitted and confirmed parties who are renting for an event.
  • We are not responsible for the client's or guests lost or stolen items for any rentals.
  • No pets allowed. (Unless otherwise confirmed and specified by Stomping Grounds by H&B).
  • Under federal law, we reserve the right to refuse business to any person.