The Space

  • 2 Soft Box Lights (Photoshoot Lights)
  • Multi-Colored Wall Washing Lights

The Lights

In our facility, we have multiple options of lighting to meet your needs. These options include:

The Bar

Our custom made bar is all inclusive with your rental purchase!

It is complete with a mini fridge to keep your drinks nice and cold.

The bar is framed with white rope lights to set an ambiance just right for your event.

  • Stomping Grounds sound
  • wireless headset mic


We recognize that music sets a tone and is an essential element for recreational/event usages of our facility. We also recognize that the sound quality of the music is just as important.

Because of this knowledge, Stomping Grounds by H&B is proud to allow our clients access to our high quality and easy-to-use sound system.

We know that the system provided by our facility will drastically improve your class or event experience.


Stomping Grounds by H&B understands the importance of having the proper equipment to be successful while utilizing the space for recreational use.

The space is equipped with mirrors that will help provide immediate visual feedback and will aid in self-correction.

The wall-to wall mirrors will allow our clients the ability to evaluate the height, shape, and line of their movement and to adjust their placement.


The kitchenette consists of a refrigerator, a microwave, a sink, food prep counter, and cabinetry.

We also provide a warming table for your rental as an optional add on.

Our garage door has feature has the ability to open up and double as a kitchenette. Opening the garage door is useful for ventilation and allows easy access to the food prep area.

The Floor

Our floor is specifically designed for the mover in mind. It is a wood sprung floor to protect the joints and muscles for high impact activity. It is cushioned by .75 x 3 x 3 in. foam blocks from Wisconsin Foam Products.

The floor layered above is securely fastened by 4’ x 8‘ tongue and groove plywood. The final layer on top consists of the Mannington ADURA Max Margate Oak Vinyl Planks. These planks have been specially integrated with the planks of the world-renowned dance studio, Movement Lifestyle. Their special planks have been so graciously transported here and take up about half of the space. The other half of the planks are brand new.

Overall, this floor is specially integrated and represents nostalgia and the new within the space.


Because of you, our space is that much more special. We are forever grateful. To some, a floor is something you simply walk on, dance on, or move around on. However, the floor at Movement Lifestyle is the very HEART and SOUL that provided a safe place to dance. With the closure of the studio, due to COVID-19, Movement Lifestyle has so graciously passed on their flooring to Stomping Grounds! We could not be more excited and grateful to have such a historic piece in our home! We are honored to house a piece of Movement Lifestyle’s legacy and can only hope to continue to provide for the community here in Texas, just as you have in California.